How to harness your creative passion into a financially viable business

The Program is designed for:

Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Singers, Songwriters, Authors, Music Producers, Sculptors, Scriptwriters, Filmmakers, the list goes on.

This Program is for you, if you are an artist or aspiring creative, you may be a painter, dancer or musician and really passionate about what you do, but just feel a bit all over the place and unsure of how to turn your passion into your profession.

You may already have made some progress in your work  and may have gotten some gigs or sold some pieces, got some deals, or you may be starting from scratch, but the problem is that you you are not really sure how to turn that passion into a more sustainable income, that if you wanted to, you could actually go and take it on as a full-time position. 

This has caused some mindset challenges, because what you started thinking is that maybe you are not good enough to be successful at this. This can feel tough because you have been doing this since you can remember and everyone throughout your entire life told you what a good painter, musician or artist of your kind you are. Now you feel it’s actually time to get real and make this more of a business and you are running against a brick wall.

You are also dealing with a bit of overwhelm, because you may not necessarily characterise yourself as business savvy and may even have some reservations about suits and business people in general because you kind of feel that’s selling out.

You really want to be able to have something that makes people buy your work but don’t want to come across as being pushy or over the top salesy.

In this programme you will find the way that feels congruent to you and set up your Art Business, so that it feels right and gets you clients queueing up to buy your work, get you the gigs or the contracts and deals you need to succeed in your business.

The Program is designed for:

  • ​Setting the foundations for a long-term financially viable art business and skyrocketing to the highest heights with your creative passion
  • ​Enabling you as an artist to spend you life doing what you love, when you want it
  • ​Beat the starving Artist Syndrome without selling out
  • ​Unlock your full creative potential
  • ​Attain a creative business mindset because in order to have you must first be.
  • ​Setting yourself up online confidently and run a  business from the comfort of your home
  • or ​If you want to prepare for a gig as a singer or dancer, write that book, write the script, publish the article, sign your music, get an agent, land the acting job, create your first or next commission as a painter, this Program is for you.

What you will receive:

  • A customized to your individual needs Program, between a period of 6 weeks to 3, 6 or 12 months, meeting on a regular 1-1 basis, to coach you to your desired outcome
  • ​Video and Audio Training
  • ​Worksheets
  • ​A money back guarantee
  • ​This Program is a Coaching Program with a Training Element to it

90 days Audio bootcamp
Born to Create's  -
From Passion to Profession for Artists

What you will receive:

  • 90 Days -
  • 2x per month Audio's sent to your inbox
  • ​Initial 'Getting Started 1-1 Accountability Call' 
  • ​1x Accountability Call per month
  • ​Crafting your Message and getting clarity on your why
  • ​Crafting your Offer
  • ​Pricing your Art
  • ​Choosing your Platforms to sell, showcase and distribute your art
  • ​Online Sales and Marketing Secrets
  • ​Creating good Habits that support you on your short and long term goals without overwhelm
  • ​Organisation Tips
  • ​₤149 one off payment or ₤59 monthly/ $144 one off payment or $79 monthly/ €168 one off payment or €67 monthly - for 3 months

The Program is designed for:

  • ​For you, if you want to work on your business in your own time, without overwhelm.
  • ​Setting clarity and the foundations for a long-term financially viable art business
  • ​Enabling you as an artist to spend you life doing what you love, when you want it 
  • ​Discovering your low hanging fruit
  • ​Creating a revenue plan
  • ​Beat the starving Artist Syndrome without selling out
  • ​Attain a creative business mindset: 'in order to have you must first be.'
  • ​Setting yourself up online confidently and run a  business from the comfort of your home
  • ​Set yourself up as an artist online, confidently know your strategy of connecting with your ideal client
Billed one off, or $79 every month for 3 months.
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A podcast designed to help artists & aspiring creatives unleash their full potential and dare to start a life based on their art and their creativity.
"There is a 1 in 4 Trillion Chance you are born -" You and your creativity is NO Coincidence!
'You are 1 in 400 trillion, or much a mircale' MEl Robbins, during a 2011 Ted Talk
 What People Are Saying:
"...8 months ago I had no clue about my potential. Today I know it! Thank you Maria and Art of You”

Helma, 50- Germany
"... Oh, yes!! She is so refreshing and gives totally valuable tips to create your own life's masterpiece... Easy, easy, easy!!!"

Alexis, Teacher 54 - Germany
"...her unconditional love, support and guidance is something I'll be forever grateful for..."

Hollie, 34, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Spa  Owner- Cardiff, Wales
...In only four sessions I was able  to move forward from a financial issue that has plagued me for years, literally..."

Maureen, Trader 53- London, UK
"The thought -provoking questions gave me insights I was lacking about how to specifically move towards my goal of making a business with my art... as a commission based artist and art teacher. Very recommended!!!"

Andy, Artist, 52 - San Francisco, CA
"....Maria challenges you with extraordinary outside of the box thinking, intuition and tools which give you directions to live your life the way you really want to live!"

Claudia, Psychologist and Entrepreneur 55 - Spain
"The Desire to Create is one of the deepest yearnings of the Human Soul"
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
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